About what I usually ask:

  • Accompany on anniversaries, banquets, walks on boats / yachts, etc.
  • Make a nice company in the community and keep up the conversation.
  • Become a companion for the evening in a restaurant, club, etc.
  • To decorate by its presence an exhibition hall, a banquet hall, a concert hall, etc.

Cost of services:

  • 1 hour =€300
  • 2 hours =€500

What is escort services?

Escort services are the accompaniment of a successful male model at different events.It can be a trip to a rest, a business meeting, dinner at a restaurant or just an acquaintance for common interests.

Or, briefly, Escort services – accompanying the client at meetings, rest to form the latter a corresponding image.

Choosing a professional support in Sochi, a person does not just provide himself a positive image, worthy of his status, place and circle in which he rotates. The escort will forever leave an indelible mark in the memory of the VIP person who appreciated the usefulness of the service.

A decent level of representation, well-organized and spent leisure, a pleasant companion and just a beautiful woman. All these parameters can finally take their place in the life of a worthy man and harmoniously combine in one person who is interested in this professionally. Which will not allow himself unnecessary emotionality, impulsiveness and will not put forward additional requirements. The way of life and income always dictates its demands on behavior. And the satellite, as well. Having entrusted his time and career to professional execution, a man is guaranteed to cross out any turmoil in his personal life. Therefore, the escort in Sochi is used everywhere and gaining its popularity!

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